Thursday, December 30, 2010

opportunities for artists on I PAD

Dear friends

Rainbow Arts has now partenered with a comnpany in USA Zeetozed INc., for presenting artworks on the latest mobile gadget the - I PAD . You can now downlaod artworks of your favourite artists on your I PAD for free via You've Got Art! . see details in links below: à Apple Apps Store listing; gives credibility. à Publications blog; shows your art being chosen. à Company website; builds trust of our seriousness.

do become a member and help reach art worldwide.
madhu jain

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Gypsy Masti

New !! Recent painting for the show at Epicentre . 29th Oct -31st oct

oil on canvas 48" x 48"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eco Art - nihonga - a kaleidoscope of experiments

Dear all
All friends are invited to solo exhibition of my Eco Art at EPICENTRE, at Apparel House, sector 44 Gurgaon on the weekend Fri- 29th Oct to Sunday 31st Oct.. This is an Event of the Japan Culture Month, New Delhi. The paintings are created with rock mineral pigments and thus have the amazing brilliance of these pigments. There are sumi-e too, which are monochrome ink brush single stroke paintings.
This art form is relatively unknown to the contemporary artists outside Japan (wikipidia- nihonga outside japan) and has been an exciting challenge for me. It is an obsession & a challenge . website:
Please do come so that I can meet you and you my art.
madhu jain

Friday, July 23, 2010

cards 2010

Rainbow Arts Greeting cards 2010-2011
Click to see all designs..

Do patronize these cards.
These are our latest collection for this year.
Christmas and New Year 2010-2011.
Do you think they are beautiful, colorful and cheerful. ?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my paintings bamboos and daisies

Nature is so very colorful...
autumn hues
going global

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Paintings- Nature & Me

purity: medium nihonga

Love Birds -nihonga

Jungle Beauty -nihonga

Load carrier- nihonga
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Rainbow Arts Greeting cards (50 designs)
all cards sized 4.25" x 6.5"
order Online OR at

displaying works of Indian contemporary artists

customizable personal closing central greetings

images of signatures, logo, tagline and addresses of companies.

made as easy as sending e -cards

+ leave a lasting impression on your friends and clients .

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ECO ART matka series

some more on the Matka Series.
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ECO ART Matka Series

paintings created with rock mineral pigments, oyster shells, corals, semi precious stones, gold and silver. The texture is uniquely coarse and gels with the theme of the paintings- i.e desert dunes, terracotta matkas, gathered skirts, woven hair plaits etc.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artist at places with solo exhibitions ...-

click this picture to see all.
Enlarge to see captions.

artist at work in her studio

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Fibre Glass containers for Planters

When creativity dawns on me, I love to paint anything that can be used to enhance the interiors. Here, I have handpainted fibre glass containers for planters which are unbreakable & treated waterproof. A lot of establishments which have large spaces, acquire these for their indoor plants, enhancing further the beauty of the plant, as well as the interiors. height 14" width 12" .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainbow Arts

Dear all

I happen to run an online art enterprise marketing high quality customizable Greeting cards, displaying works of Indian contemporary artists.

This is to support the intellectually challenged at Muskaan -a school in New Delhi.

We started in 2005 as an online enterprise, but today we have a presence in large bookstores & art galleries. With the overwhelming response & appreciation we received we have expanded into new products such as customizable art on ceremic mugs, high quality prints and handpainted fibre glass pot containers. These are handy gifts for all kinds of occasions as well as bring aesthetics into everyday living. All of these can be viewed at

Next time you need to send wishes do remember us, we have made it as easy as sending e -cards + they leave a lasting impression on its recipients, being miniature artworks. contact madhu 9811585966

matka series 4

This painting depicts a woman carrying her matka to fetch water. Rajasthan being a Desert State in India, the background shows sand dunes. Women there generally wear heavily gathered skirts and colorful attire to keep the heat away. Rajasthan being my birth State, naturally I love to paint the vibrant colors & moods of the folklore, which comes alive with the brilliance of mineral pigments.

Art Exhibition

Happy to start my blog with the news of a solo exhibition of my paintings just finalised at the EPICENTRE - a cultural hub in Gurgaon. dates : Friday 29th October -Sunday 31st October. All are welcome.

My paintings as most of you may be aware, are created with eco mineral pigments like oyster shells, corals, semi precious stones, gold and silver on hand made paper. This technique travelled from India in the 6th century thru China Korea to Japan, where they perfected it and gave it the name of Nihonga. This art form is relatively unknown to the contemporary artists outside Japan (wikipidia- nihonga outside japan) and has been an exciting challenge for me. It is an obsession, as it involves the use of ecofriendly mediums & is a No No to chemicals.